What Happiness is to You.

It took me awhile to understand what happiness is and was throughout my life. There is still a lot I don’t understand about it, but today I bring some clarity. I’ve had happy moments, and after I step back and observe it broadly, I am living a very happy life. But I am not happy every second, every minute, every hour of every day.

Happiness is a short-lived moment that you must enjoy whilst. The best part is that joy is unforeseen and in a moment of unexpected bliss, you are content to the core. It cannot linger and it cannot extend. But you need a little crazy in your life to live and that is why fleeting moments spark insanity that feeds the soul. 

I have to admit that since the moment I jumped out of a plane, something inside me changed—and it wasn’t just a brief adrenaline rush. I realized the many years I've let fear hold me back from a lot of living. That’s a lot of short-lived happiness missed. It’s a battle to be happy everyday, but the fight gets a little easier when you learn to love yourself. (& you are always learning to love yourself)

My cheerfulness is real and it will always be my front. Am I like that all day long? NO, are you insane? It was actually tough growing up a cheerful kid. It’s been such a mixed reaction. Some people love it, some people HATE it. Some people judge it and find it a sham. Others believe it's the sweetest quality anyone can hold. But the me today noted that the common denominator in the past few sentences is PEOPLE and what others think.  

Look, at some point you and I will snap. How could one be happy if all they want is to please others? A huge part of not being truly content inside has to do with caring about what other people think of you. It is never going to end and your life is not going to pause on the living and the breathing. So seize the day whenever, wherever you can. Forget what others think.

There is truly no other more important person to please than your self.

 Thanks, Pharrell Williams! I'll clap along now that I know what happiness is to me.


DISCLAIMER: I am not telling you to rebel, quit your job and regret those 5 tequila shots you take after reading this. Don’t be an idiot. Just find some happiness outside the uncontrollable things in life.  Decompress. :)