Slapping My Winter Blues

It was really cute when the first snowflake landed on NYC streets back in December. It even came right after the New year. It was so cute that 20 versions of the same snow covering naked trees blew up my Instagram feed. Everyone was a photographer that day. Not going to lie, I took a few photos, too, but I didn't take any with my camera phone. It was a snow venture with my Canon 60D and they were filter free.

But that's not the point of this post. The point is...I'M OVER IT.

I'm over how the snow looks outside my window. I'm tired of wetting my doormat with browned ice puddles left by my snow boots. Heck i'm tired of having to yank off my laced snow boots every time I'm back from the outside world. It was very cute the first maybe three storms, but it got real boring, real fast. And I really feel bad for everyone who has to shovel it every time.This post isn't going to control mother nature, but I'm hoping it'll be a chance for you to get to know me. 

If there's one thing you'll learn about me soon as I build on this's that Laura Chang loves color in her life. So to celebrate the launch of my new's a look in my visions.

Here's to slapping winter blues' face! On this President's Day, I bring you color.

Photos feature Katrine A. and myself in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.