NY Psych, CitiBike

It was a Sunday afternoon and one of the warmer days thus far in NYC. The skirts and dresses came out, and the bike riding began.

I really enjoy it. Freedom to pedal, breeze against the hair. It is faster than walking and you can go anywhere-- well not on the sidewalk. CitiBike was not the best overall experience, but it was worth trying. This might be the first and only time I use it, but I guess never say never.

I prefer biking on trails and paths with nature over traffic and cars. My experience wasn't unpleasant because I was wearing a skirt that quite possibly could have blown up Marilyn Monroe style, but it was more because of my surroundings. It took forever just to get the bikes out of the ports.

For those who are not aware, you rent the bikes and are charged per half hour that they are out of the ports. After you shove a credit card into a machine and oblige to safety regulations, warnings, and traffic violations, you are charged and given a 5-digit code to enter and retrieve a bike. Perhaps it was a sign that (insert higher being) didn't want me to bike ride, but my friends and I had to get new codes at least 3 times each. The first half hour is free, but it took 20 minutes just to get three bikes out before we could hit the road...and Brooklyn traffic. 

This might have been more worth it if I actually needed to go somewhere, but it wasn't the greatest for a stroll around Brooklyn. All I can say is that at least I tried it, and I gave it a shot. But, at least my blogger gal pals had content to shoot and post about.

Here's my delayed reaction on it...more Brooklyn photos to follow. I did feel pretty Badass riding a bike around in that outfit, but just for the day.

Until next time!

Photos by Faye and Katrine