La Vida Glamour

My favorite subject to photograph is color, especially when they stand out brightly. I've also always been fascinated by people and their various styles, especially how individuals can wear the same outfit in multiple ways and differently. Every person has their unique accent and what better way to capture the details in a person's style than with a different camera angle-- a different vision-- of the same subject. Exploring my visions with Fashion blogger, Vanessa Santos, has been new and very exciting for me. 

Vanessa from the Bronx has her own style blend of city-chic and edgy street-wear. And, there's no doubt that she adores the original "Jenny from the block." Vanessa can trade in sneakers for stilettos, and still pull off the wardrobe from day to night,  blurring the line between traditional work-casual and the classic "girly" looks. We have been shooting in the Bronx for the past 8 looks, and what I love most is finding an apartment alleyway, corner garden, exposed brick wall, or public space, and creating what Vanessa likes to call, "a luxe environment where you least expect it." The best part? Her website is also bilingual: English and Spanish. 

You can check out my photographs of Vanessa in her V-styled outfits featured on her newly launched website, La Vida Glamour.

Here are some of my favorite looks so far, but stay tuned for plenty more looks to come!

 You can check out her looks at her website:   Follow her instagram:  @Lavidaglamour

You can check out her looks at her website:

Follow her instagram: @Lavidaglamour

Want to know more? Here's some Vanessa Santos trivia. 

Style Icons: Jennifer Lopez, Blake Lively, Olivia Palermo

Superpower: I wish I had the power to heal diseases 

Favorite Color: Green 

Worst Nickname: Venis the penis :/

One Beauty Product I Can't Live Without: Maybelline BB Cream 

Last thing you searched on Google: NY Giants Pre Season Schedule 

Last song you listened to: Best Mistake by Ariana Grande

Guilty pleasure: Shoes and Savory Food (Mac & Cheese!)

Biggest Pet Peeve: People who are unorganized, late and have lack of consideration 

Word you use too often: Fu$k

My "Dirty" Secret: it won't be a secret if I tell you :p

View Vanessa's full gallery below and under  "People."