When Winter Came in NYC


It does every winter, but it's always a dramatic story each time. Come on people, it isn't novel that it snows in this city. So, in case you've been living under a rock, snow fell in New York-- 26.8 inches to be exact. Winter Storm Jonas came and conquered.

Seeing how New York City is a city that operates on its public transportation, I know snow can inconvenience everyone. But, for the last 25 years of living here, I almost always hide at home and play only with the snow nearby. Yes, I know it can be dangerous outside, but I just didn't want to live inside my shell this weekend. This time, so long as the trains were running, I left Queens and trekked into the city. I put on my warmest layers, my wool stockings, winter accessories, and the most important of all...my snow boots. Though I anticipated on being out there for much longer, the MTA announced that outdoor trains would close early and that threatened me-- so I cut my adventure short. See? I was still being careful and knew that I did not want to be stranded in another borough.

I wanted to shoot with my Canon but the snow blew straight into my face. My camera's not waterproof, so I left it in my bag the entire time. Let's be honest, I wasn't truly prepared to wreck my camera for this. However, that's what smartphones, Instagram & Snapchat are for. Here's exactly what I did during my four hours out in the city.

My New York City Moment


I plan on taking a lot of photos this year, but this form of documentation will do for now. I'm not much of a video blogger, but I do want to remember these moments when I look back. New York will always be my home, so I'm appreciating what it is in this moment, and embracing the weather I dislike the most.