A Moment of Blurry Vision

Tonight's post will be short and sweet because it's really just about gazing at sweet nothings.

Have you ever felt empty inside? You're not feeling sad, happy, excited, or any basic emotion. Your vision, unable to focus on what is before. You blankly stare at something insignificant and your foreground becomes the background because this time your mind is controlling a blurry gaze. You could break free of this trance if you had to and gain back the focus, but when you let the mind free, the meter moves further away from center and everything is unclear.

That's what has been happening to me these last two days. (I hope medically speaking, this doesn't mean I'm dying or that I have a brain tumor that I am unaware of.) I'm not even making it up because I specifically explained my problem to a coworker today. I've been having trouble focusing on what's before me. It is as if my mind wants me to wander away. It feels like when you're about to begin a daydream, but the difference is that the thoughts are blank. My mind is idle. 

Playing with the "heart" from my new Bokeh Masters Kit.

Ironically, my latest camera toy also arrived in the mail today, and its sole purpose is to create cute photo effects with the purposefully out-of-focus parts of a photograph (aka what's beyond the depth of field). You must all be thinking, HUH? But, let the photographs demonstrate.

I thought tonight would be the perfect night to share what are In My Visions and the feeling that I can't describe properly. It's when my mind decides to take over the ability to focus, or lack there of.

My toy comes with several shapes, but I only tested out the heart and the star. I can control what it focuses on and the filter distorts the background. It's most effective with lights. It's magical, it's adorable and I can't wait to try it when I take portraits, too!

Halloween is in the air, and I just made the spooky somewhat romantic and magical. Got to love photography. But, that's all folks! Just follow your heart, go with your vision-- even when it gets blurry. I'm not sure what this all means for me today, but I'll eventually find out on one of my tomorrows.

Just a coincidence that a photo of traffic lights created a heart-shaped "L"