Kamri, The Gallery and My Inspirations


Today my work was featured in a gallery where I met some of the most inspirational people. And by inspirational, I mean this young and beautiful girl, Kamri Carter. 

"Mom...According to Us" shared artwork that ranged from paintings to poetry, photographs and more. 100% of all art proceeds from this gallery went to #StephsGirls. Stephanie Lee is survived by her two beautiful daughters, Kamri and Marchelle. Although the gallery was for them, I realized that it was a beautiful experience that was very much for me, too. I thank Kamri and her family for giving me the chance to explore my work and to share my love and compassion for flowers, nature, and anything that catches my attention. This was a beautiful chance to share what are in my visions. 

The Gallery

But before I continue...here's a look at today's gallery. If the title cannot be clear enough, the gallery was all about our definition of "Mom." Vicky Jordan of PureWorks put together such an amazing and well curated gallery. 

My work:

Moms are constant gardeners as they shower us with unconditional love. 
No matter what season, they nurture us so that we bloom into our best selves-- in the heat of summer and in the dead of winter. These photographs were taken during all four seasons of New York City: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. "Love" is the flower that is never out of season.

The turnout was amazing and I am truly grateful for every single person who stopped by-- from all walks of my life. Even though my mom is overseas and she couldn't be here today, I was blessed with all the people who did come through. For that, I thank you all!

My Inspirations

My parents have been an inspiration to me and are truly the biggest supporters. It was after I selected my photos that I realized how often I photograph flowers. Interestingly enough, three out of the five photographs I submitted were taken in my very own backyard.

To others, it is a modestly sized garden, but to me, it was always very large and filled with dreams. I grew up playing in it and occasionally watering the plants. I have summer BBQs there and not to forget...I feed my blood to all the mosquitoes that I can't fend off there, too! My father tends the garden and he is a huge reason why I grew up surrounded by beautiful green grass and flowers that bloom from Spring through the end of Summer. 

When I got home today, and right before the sun completely set, I lit a little something to remind myself of how far I've come and to continue to spark my dreams. This garden is not much, but really it is all I need. My father always says that he's sorry he couldn't give me more, but I don't need more. My parents have given me everything that I could have ever imagined and that is already all the more that I need.

I thank my parents, my family and friends. Thank you to everyone who came to the gallery today and thank you to all who have inspired me, influenced me, and supported my photography.