"Please Touch the Art" by Jeppe Hein

"Please Touch the Art" is Brooklyn Bridge Park's latest outdoor art installment by Danish artist, Jeppe Hein. He isn't kidding about wanting you to get active with his work. Spread across the park are three parts to this collection: Appearing Rooms, Mirror Labyrinth and 16 Modified Social Benches.

Appearing Rooms

This one unleashed my inner child and I had just as much fun as the kids behind me! There are four chambers to this installment and they're timed so that you have a few seconds to walk in without getting wet. Each chamber takes turn surging a water barrier until all walls are up and you're surrounded! You'll get a little sprayed, but you won't be soaked when you stand at the center of a room. And, If you're like the kids playing behind me, you can also not give a damn and charge right through the walls because it's only water after all!

Consider this a warning! These photos were taken at 10AM, and it got extremely crowded by noon! This became a water park for the little kids suited up and ready to charge in their swimwear. 

This one is located right at the entrance of the park, so you can't miss it!

Mirror Labyrinth

When you say Labyrinth, I think of a maze, but this was most definitely not a maze. It's much smaller than I imagined, but still very cool to walk through! The shards of metal mirrors are placed in circular pathways that guide you without getting lost or confused. I enjoyed seeing pieces of other people's reflections as I walked through and saw my own. This definitely makes you think of the world you're surrounded by and how beautiful each piece can be. If only this could be bigger!!

The mirrors are located near Pier 3 of Brooklyn Bridge Park so you'll need to walk a little deeper to get to this one! 

16 Modified Social Benches

Last but not least (and certainly the most spread out) are the 16 bright, fun and very orange sculptures. They are inspired by the average social bench, but with twists and turns. You can sit on them, but comfort was disregarded in some! 

I did not walk through and look for every bench, but you knew one was coming up ahead because of its obnoxious color! You really can't miss it. 

"Please Touch the Art"  will be available until April 17, 2016! Touch everything and look for all the benches! (Click here for the Map)  

That's all for now! Happy Memorial Day!